No. 23 (2021): Cognition, Communication, Discourse


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Published since 2010

This issue of the journal offers results of interdisciplinary studies of the discourse of advertising and branding, fiction, parliamentary debates, and film with a special focus on their cognitive, pragmatic, functional and sociocultural analysis.  It brings together linguists from different regions of Ukraine and Bulgaria who suggest innovative cognitive approaches to possible worlds of a literary text character and to multimodal verbal, visual, and verbal-visual puns in translation; discuss the new reality of storytelling in advertising and branding in the pandemic period of online communication and content digitalization; search for cognitive-pragmatic and sociocultural properties of impoliteness in parliamentary discourse in Bulgarian, English, Polish, and Ukrainian; and reveal the functions of heraldic symbols in the English fiction.

For linguists, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates.

Published: 2021-12-31

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