No. 21 (2020): Cognition, Communication, Discourse. Series “Philology”

International on-line journal

Published since 2010

This issue presents findings of researchers from Ukraine, Armenia, and Poland who reveal cognitive and communicative aspects of text and discourse of different genres: manipulative strategies in political and mass-media discourse; cognitive pragmatics of American presidential debates etc. The authors address conceptualization and prosody of emotions: the event concept of EMPATHY in English juvenile fantasy prose; the concept of DISTRESS in English media; prosodic organization of English utterances of sympathy. A cognitive linguistic approach underpins the description of user-driven principles of compiling an active learner's construction-combinatory thesaurus. The material for research articles is mainly English. In articles reporting results of political discourse studies, their contents comply with international standards for critical discourse analysis and are their author's responsibility.

For linguists, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates.

Published: 2020-12-31

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