Keywords: cultural diplomacy, public diplomacy, state image, intercultural communication


Cultural diplomacy is a fairly new concept, but it is a powerful tool for interethnic and interstate communication. Consideration of theoretical and applied experience in the formation of the concept of cultural diplomacy clarifies its effectiveness as a means of lobbying national interests. Emphasis is placed on the existence of elements of cultural diplomacy, even in ancient civilizations, which confirms the effectiveness of this instrument of «soft power».

The main tendencies of Ukraine's development as a sovereign and fully-fledged actor in the international arena are outlined. The necessity of introduction of progressive diplomacy methods by the modern Ukrainian state for establishment in the geopolitical and cultural world is determined.The historical experience of using cultural diplomacy to determine effective forms and methods of its application in the process of forming a positive image of the state is considered. Emphasis is placed on the experience of many modern European countries, especially France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland and the United States. It has been found that cultural diplomacy is currently an important area of foreign policy in many countries.

The process of development of cultural diplomacy in Ukraine is viewed. The main stages and key elements of public policy in the field of public diplomacy are identified. The activity of state and public organizations in the field of popularization of Ukrainian culture, inside the country and abroad is outlined. The conditions for the effective realization of national interests through cultural initiatives are determined. The creation of quality content for export, that is a product of effective coordination of efforts of domestic political, social forces and other stakeholders is outlined. The author highlights that cultural diplomacy is a "soft power" for Ukraine, a strategic element of foreign policy, through which support can be found in other countries at the public level. However, currently the state strategy for the development of cultural diplomacy is just being formed, it is gaining new forms, adopting the European experience.


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Author Biography

Olha Filatova, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, 4, Svoboda Sq., Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine

Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations, International Information and Security, Candidate of History Science.


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