The next Journal "Issues of Political Science" (Vol. 45) is in the process of formation.

Journal’s editorial board invites university professors, staff of academic institutions, as well as interested researchers to publish their articles and methodological developments on the pages of our professional publication.

Kindly ask you to send your articles to the following e-mail address and


Articles submitted to the editorial board must comply with the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine for such publications (Bulletin of the HAC. - 2003. - No.1):

1) general formulation of the problem and its relation to important scientific or practical tasks;

2) analysis of recent research and publications containing initial ways of solving the problem which the author is based on, defining of the previously unresolved parts of the general problem addressed by the article;

3) formulation of the article’s goals (setting the tasks);

4) presentation of the main research material with full justification of the scientific results obtained;

5) research conclusions and prospects for further exploration in this area.