A method for solving a boundary value problem in a multilayered area

Keywords: electric machine, mathematical model, temperature field, multi-layered cylinder


A mathematical model of thermal process in an electrical machine was built as an example, presented as a three-layer cylinder where internal heat sources operate in one of the layers and heat is submitted to the other two by means of heat conduction. A method of solving the boundary-value problems for heat conduction equation in a complex area – a multi-layered cylinder with internal heat sources operating in one part of the layers and external ones in another part, is proposed. A method of problem solution in conditions of uncertainty of one of the boundary condition at the layers interface with conductive heat exchange between the layers is reviewed. The principle of method lies in the averaging of temperature distributions radially in the internal layers. As a result of transformations at the layers interface a boundary condition of the impedance-type conjugation appears. The analytical and numeric-analytical solutions of simplified problems were obtained.


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Kobilskaya, E. B., & Lyashenko, V. P. (2020). A method for solving a boundary value problem in a multilayered area. Bulletin of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Series «Mathematical Modeling. Information Technology. Automated Control Systems», 46, 25-36. https://doi.org/10.26565/2304-6201-2020-46-03