Peer Review Process

Every article undergoes a double-blind peer-review in terms of two months after its submission to the Editorial Board.

Anonymous reviewers involving lead researchers whose scope of interests coincides with the theme of the article conclude on the novelty and relevance of the presented research, the academic style of writing, the quality and authenticity of the research results and on the possibility of its publication.

The Editorial Board is examining the materials in a collegial manner, decides whether the article is in conformity with the editorial requirements, conducts the plagiarism check, analyzes the anonymous reviewer’s decisions and takes the final decision on the subsequent publication.

According to the results of peer-review process and editorial check-up of the paper, the author receives the answer by email in terms of three months after its submission to the Editorial Board:

  • The article is accepted


  • The article needs editing*


  • The article is rejected**

*The authors is given two weeks for scientific or literary editing of the paper according to the reviewers` and Editorial Board`s remarks.

**In case of the article’s rejection the author is given a motivated conclusion by the Editorial Board.