Subjective Well-Being of People with Different Profiles of Personality Openness

Keywords: personality openness, subjective well-being, life satisfaction, existential fulfillment, student youth


The article is devoted to the analysis of different approaches to the study of subjective well-being, with a focus on existential aspects, namely, on the role of existential fulfillment for the emotional and cognitive components of subjective well-being. Empirical research was carried out on a sample of student youth. The work uses the test of existential motivations by A. Lengle and P. Edhard, the subjective well-being scale of Perrudel-Badoux, Mendelsohn, and the life satisfaction scale of E. Diener. The nature of the relationship between four existential motivations and existential fulfillment in general with indicators of subjective well-being, life satisfaction and openness of the individual was established. Regression models describing the importance of fundamental motivations for subjective well-being and life satisfaction in the studied age group were built.


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Kryazh, I., & Levenets , N. (2023). Subjective Well-Being of People with Different Profiles of Personality Openness. The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. A Series of «Psychology», (75), 2.