Privacy Statement

Privacy policy, confidentiality policy and consent to the processing of personal data.

Manuscripts should be reviewed with respect for the confidentiality of the authors. By submitting their manuscripts for review, the authors grant the editors to review the results of their research and creative efforts that may determine their reputation and career. Authors' rights may be violated if confidential information is disclosed during the review of manuscripts. Reviewers also have the right to privacy, which should be maintained by the editor. Privacy may be compromised if dishonesty or fraud occurs, but in other cases it must be respected.

The editorial board should not divulge information about the manuscripts (including their receipt, content, status in the review process, criticism of reviewers, or final decision) to anyone other than authors and reviewers. This includes requests for the legitimate usage of the materials.

The editorial board must clearly explain to its reviewers that the submitted manuscripts are the privileged and private property of the authors. Therefore, reviewers and editorial staff should respect the rights of authors without discussing their work publicly or appropriating their ideas before the publication of the manuscript. Reviewers are not permitted to make copies of manuscripts for their files and are not allowed to transfer copies to other persons, except with the permission of the editor. Reviewers must return or destroy copies of the manuscripts after submitting reviews. The editorial board must not keep copies of the rejected manuscripts.

Reviewers' comments cannot be published or divulged without the permission of the reviewer, author and editor.