Formation of spelling competence of higher education students

Keywords: language education, language personality, spelling competence, spelling literacy


This article addresses the challenge of cultivating spelling proficiency among higher education students amidst the implementation of revised Ukrainian orthographic norms. It delineates both theoretical and practical approaches to enhancing spelling competency and developing the professional speech of students.

Contemporary educational objectives prioritize the development of linguistically adept, creative, and self-reliant individuals capable of effective verbal expression in the Ukrainian literary language in various styles and across diverse communicative contexts. Proficiency in the state Ukrainian language is integral to realizing the pedagogical paradigm of continuous language education, promoting communicative competence, linguistic awareness, and meaningful interpersonal communication.

The linguistic shifts within modern literary Ukrainian codified in the updated orthography and introduced in 2019 underscore the timeliness and significance of addressing spelling proficiency among higher education students. It necessitates assimilating the codified spelling alterations and refining the spelling prowess of native Ukrainian speakers.

The research methodology entailed analysing philological and linguistic didactic literature, scrutinizing the contemporary Ukrainian spelling standards, and reviewing pertinent educational documents, programs, textbooks, and instructional methodologies. Additionally, methods and techniques for enhancing students’ spelling competency were devised and modelled.

Effective strategies for bolstering spelling knowledge and skills among higher education students involve a blend of traditional and innovative pedagogical methods and tools. Equally important within the higher education system is instilling students with motivational readiness and intrinsic motivation to adhere to contemporary Ukrainian spelling norms. This entails cultivating a clear appreciation of the significance and necessity, as per current regulatory standards, of employing the Ukrainian literary language across all public domains. Ultimately, it aims to foster a high level of spelling competency among students.


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