Anti-plagiarism policy

Anti-plagiarism policy

 The journal will reject any materials that don’t meet the anti-plagiarism requirements!

 In accordance with the Provisions on the system for prevention and detection of academic plagiarism in scientific and academic papers of the staff and students of V.N. Karazin National University, the Editorial Board checks the articles admitted for publication for absence of academic plagiarism.

 Regarded as varieties of plagiarism are:

  • copying and publishing another person’s work as one’s own;
  • the word-for-word transcription of text fragments (from a sentence to a group of sentences) of another person’s work without quotation marks and citing the source.
  • making minor amendments in the copied material (rewording sentences, changing arrangement of words, etc.) without quotation marks and citing the source;
  • excessive use of paraphrasing (rewording of something written by someone else) without citing the source.

 The main systems for plagiarism detection are and