Тhe teoretical principles of an innovative development of the territorial tourist systems

Keywords: innovations, innovative development, territorial tourism systems, theoretical foundations


An article is devoted to an analysis and generalization of the theoretical foundations of the innovative development of territorial tourism systems. It has been noted that innovations are the key factor of changes in the tourism sphere, which allows them to increase the level of tourist’s attraction, increase profits, expand the range of tourist services and promote the tourist product on the international market. The approaches of defining tourism innovation concepts in the scientific literature analyzed have been. It has been concluded that versatile terminological approaches provide the possibility of a deeper understanding of the relevant concepts essence. Common in most definitions of the «innovation in tourism» concept is an idea of introducing new solutions and technologies that contribute to the tourism development. The author’s definition of innovations in tourism define it as ones that have an innovative nature and are intended to improve the quality of tourist services and ensure the tourism industry sustainable development as a whole. Such innovations can be of different types – from new technologies and products to new methods and approaches of managing the tourism industry. The implementation of innovative solutions helps to attract new customers, increase the tourism income industry and ensure its sustainable development. Since innovative activity in tourism is a systemic process, therefore it should be analyzed in the context of territorial, in particular, regional tourism systems. According to the results of practical experience of innovative activity in the tourism sphere, innovative aspects of thedevelopment of territorial tourism systems have been identified and characterized. Innovative development of territorial tourism systems is a process that requires constant improvement and the usage of new ideas and technologies. The use of innovative approaches can help to ensure the stable development of territorial tourism systems and their adaptation to the changing conditions of the tourist market. It has been concluded that innovation is a key factor in the development of territorial, create new tourist products and ensure more effective management of recreational and tourist territories.


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