Сreative industries as a factor of tourism development in Рoltava region

Keywords: creative economy, creative industries, creative environment, culture


In today's world, tourism is an extremely multifaceted industry that combines history, geography, culture, moreover, shows the level of development of modern society. The creative sector is an important part of the tourism industry, and it is to visit various locations that millions of people travel to other countries each year to see artwork or touch landmarks. Creative economy contributes to the creation of creative hubs, which are becoming more popular every year. Various festivals, fairs, exhibitions, museums, theaters and amusement parks operate successfully around the world and, of course, in Ukraine. Further development and popularization of Ukrainian national holidays, traditions and history can be the main driver in the development of international tourism in the country. In particular, Poltava region has a huge potential for the development of cultural centers and locations with the prospect of developing domestic tourism and increasing tourist flows to future creative clusters. The subject of the study was chosen creative industries as a factor in the development of tourism in the Poltava region. The purpose of the work is to study the creative industry as a factor in the development of tourism in the Poltava region. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set and solved, namely: the destinations of the country's creative industries were analyzed; the prospects of development of creative industries in Poltava region are determined. The study was conducted using methods of evaluation, analysis, comparison, statistics, graphics, descriptive, cartographic. The following results were obtained: each region of Ukraine needs action by the authorities to expand and improve the existing objects of the creative economy, including Poltava region. The National Development Strategy declares the transfer of cultural development powers to communities, and it is the local government that must regulate and anticipate the development of the industry on the ground. A program for the development of Poltava culture for 2020-2024 has been created, which provides for the search for ways of non-state funding, ie the search for investors or sponsors. «Poltava Tourist» for 2020-2026 is a program that should find a way to increase the number of tourists, analyzing existing problems and solving them.


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