Problems and prospects of the development of the tourist market of Ukraine in the context of global trends

Keywords: dynamics of tourist flows, tourism industry, competitiveness, international tourism, tourism, tourist market


The tourism industry is an increasingly important element in Ukraine's economy, the vector of development of which is aimed at active integration into the world economy, but at the same time the pace of its development leaves Ukraine at the lowest ranking positions in the world tourism market. In this situation, it is important to study the factors that create obstacles to tourism development in Ukraine and determine the prospects of the domestic tourism market, which should be the basis for implementing measures to realize the tourism potential of Ukraine and stimulate international tourism. The article analyzes the current state of development of the tourism industry of the world and Ukraine. The problematic aspects of the industry development in the country are determined on the basis of the indicators of the tourist competitiveness index. Prospects for the development of the national tourism market are studied. The subject of the article is the current state, problems and prospects of the national tourism market in the context of global trends. The aim is to study the state of the tourism business in Ukraine, identify problems and prospects for the development of the domestic tourism market. Objective: to identify the features of the market of tourist services of Ukraine and the prospects of successful entry into the world market of tourist services. General scientific methods are used: analytical, static, descriptive, comparative and structural-logical analysis. The following results were obtained: based on the study, it was found that the level of development of the tourism market of Ukraine is very low compared to world indicators, despite the fact that Ukraine has a strong tourism potential. It is proved that Ukraine can offer competitive tourist products in all promising tourist areas and has all the opportunities to successfully enter the world tourism market, provided that the existing problems of the domestic industry are overcome. Conclusions: it is necessary to increase the level of the main areas of tourism promotion in Ukraine, which will strengthen the relationship of tourism with other priority areas of development as a whole country and individual regions, which, in turn, will strengthen the economy, fill the budget, increase incomes of the population, the creation of a powerful tourism industry and the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of the country.


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