Spatial And Temporal Mechanisms Of Agricultural Landscapes’ Anthropogenic Expansion

  • S. P Sonko
  • N. V. Maksymenko
Keywords: agrolandscape, landscape planning, noospheregenezis, time «traps», space «traps», landscape sustainability, anthropogenic expansion


Changes in space and time formation mechanism of anthropogenic expansion into the landscapes have been analysed. Based on the philosophical understanding of «real time», «perceptual time», «conceptual time», «historical time», «absolute time», «individual» and «universal» time concepts, the existence of time «traps» and space «traps» has been well-grounded. This allows us to state that there are no reasons to consider agrolandscape unnatural. At the same time, to maintain the basic functions of these landscapes as a life supporting system, it is appropriate to apply the methods of territorial landscape planning. For this purpose, the evaluation method of the natural landscape stability has been developed , which, together with the index of the actual use of landscapes in agriculture made it possible to identify four types of functional areas requiring different territorial organization.


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Sonko, S. P., & Maksymenko, N. V. (2014). Spatial And Temporal Mechanisms Of Agricultural Landscapes’ Anthropogenic Expansion. Visnyk of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University Series «Еcоlogy», (1054), 13-22. Retrieved from

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