Multicultural Artistic Discourse of Salman Rushdie

  • N. L. Harutyunyan
Keywords: bilingualism, crisis of national identity, cultural polyphony, multicultural artistic discourse


In the context of unprecedented migration the problems of hybrid culture – in particular, multiculturalism and multicultural literature, grow more actual. Modern linguistics suffers deficit of studies of multicultural consciousness, otherness, bicultural worldview, hybrid cultural identity, formation of a new mentality, crisis of national identity, multiculturalism reflected in multicultural artistic discourse and emphasizes the importance of their linguistic investigation in a broad linguocultural context using an interdisciplinary approach.
In article, I define the phenomenon of ‘multicultural artistic discourse’ and attract researchers’ attention to the importance of such discourse and its parameters using different approaches (such as language-centeric, text-centric, anthropocentric, cognitive, etc.).


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