Peculiarities of the semantic representation of religious images in modern Ukrainian poetry (the period of the full- scale Russian invasion)

Keywords: poetic speech, linguopoetics, image of war, artistic means


The article is devoted to the study of modern poetic texts regarding the interpretations and semantic content of religious images. Studying the implementation of one of the key language concepts based on the poetic speech material allows, on the one hand, to talk about the expressive capabilities of language as the main means of communication, and on the other hand, to investigate the specifics and changes in worldview orientations of representatives the modern generation of Ukrainians.

The material for analysis was poetry posted on the pages of social networks during a difficult period for Ukrainians – the full-scale Russian invasion. The choice of language material is explained by the fact that poetry as a form of verbal art is capable of broadcasting the first quick reaction to events. The texts of different authors collectively provide a kind of the society’s emotional state projection, reflect a collective emotion. The ability to publicize poetic texts with the help of social networks and respond to them quickly endows modern poetry with a psychotherapeutic function.

According to our observations, in the analyzed poetic texts, the most frequent religious image is God/Creator/Lord/Almighty. We note a number of traditional semantic interpretations of the image – faith, comfort, help, higher justice. The motif of disappointment, hopelessness, despair, which is realized in the image of an indifferent, blithe God, is typical for the poetry of a certain period. We also observe original interpretations, for example, God who sets out to fight for freedom and truth with weapons in his hands, or God who manifests himself in every Ukrainian – soldiers, volunteers, medics, power engeneer, etc.

Interpretations of biblical stories are also interesting for analysis, for example, the story of the execution and resurrection of Christ is broadcast to modern Ukraine, which is currently suffering for the sins of humanity, but will surely be resurrected.


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Author Biography

Inna Litvinova, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Ukrainian Language


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