Professional Ethics

The journal is aimed at protecting high standards of ethics in the field of public disclosure of research results and takes all possible measures to prevent any illegal publications.

Articles should correspond to the international rules of academic writing and academic ethics (see:

Articles should present new research of a high academic level that hasn’t been published before. 

The Editorial Board follows the ethical norms stated in the documents:

Responsible publication for editors;

Responsible publication for authors

The journal is committed to meeting the high standards of publishing ethics set in the Code of Ethics for Ukrainian Scientists and by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) at all stages of the publication process.

 The Editorial Board follows the rules of FAIR PLAY: manuscripts are evaluated for their scientific merits without regard to race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, citizenship or political philosophy of the author.

Responsibility of editors, authors and reviewers

The evaluation of the articles is based on the so-called “double-blind” peer review. All the comments by the reviewer on a particular paper are discussed only between the parties involved in the process of publication: the editor, the responsible secretary, authors and reviewers.

The editor and the responsible secretary receive and peer review the materials from each participant, regardless of gender, nationality, religious / political / sexual orientation, etc. To achieve a high level of objectivity and avoid copyright infringement in the process of studying the material, the editor and the responsible secretary must not disclose information about the submitted manuscript and its author to anyone other than the author and the reviewers. On the basis of conclusions received from the reviewers, the editors have the right to accept the manuscript, to reject the material, or to require a participant to finalize it. Only manuscripts with positive reviews can be published in the journal.

Taking into account that in some cases the decision about publishing of a manuscript cannot be taken on the basis of the opinions provided by the reviewers, the editor may involve additional reviewers. The final selection of articles for publication is done by the editor. Unpublished manuscripts should not be used by the editor or reviewers for any purposes and should remain confidential information for third parties.

The authors will be informed of the decision to accept and publish their manuscripts as soon as possible. After acceptance, the materials will usually be published in the next available issue of the journal. The editors have the right to reduce and modify the article with the preservation of the main conclusions and author’s stylistics. All the changes are agreed with the author.

By submitting articles, the authors reserve the copyright to authorship of their work and give the journal the right to first publish this work under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which allows third parties to distribute freely materials published in the journal with a compulsory reference to the authors of the original work and to the first publication of work in this journal.

The authors agree with the terms on the definition and protection of copyright, which will be applied to the submitted manuscripts, after the material will be published in the journal. The submission of the article provides that the material given is the original work of the authors, which was not published previously, not accepted for publication in the another place and is not being considered in other editions, its publication is carried out with the joint consent of all authors of the manuscript, and if it is accepted for publication, it will not be published in another edition in the same form, in English or in any other languages, without the written consent of the publisher.

The authors of the articles are responsible for the content of the papers, the validity of the facts, quotes, their own names, geographical names, the names of enterprises and organizations, and other information. Thoughts expressed in these papers may differ from the point of view of the editorial board of the journal. The responsibility of the authors is to ensure that papers submitted for consideration by the journal are prepared due to high ethical standards.

Having been received all the papers are submitted for peer review. The reviewer must provide a clear and objective conclusion, avoiding personal criticism and subjectivity. All the reviewer’s comments and suggestions must be reasoned. The reviewer undertakes to keep all the received manuscripts in strict confidentiality and not to use them for personal interest. All relevant data sources in the manuscript must be confirmed by the reviewer. The reviewer must immediately notify the editor of any similarity to the material with the text of the before-published work or if there is any doubt in the academic plagiarism.