General characteristics of discursive competence as a pedagogical problem

Keywords: discourse, discursive competence, spoken discourse, oral discourse, pedagogy


In order to develop a more effective formation method of discursive competence, it is necessary to clarify its definition first. Given the fact that discursive competence still does not have a single, clear definition, it was proposed and substantiated by analyzing the literature on this issue. The purpose of the study was to reveal the essence of the concept of “discursive competence” based on the generalization of scientific and pedagogical literature, to find out the reasons for the formation of discursive competence in basic secondary school students. The author clustered the material related to discursive competence and clarified its definition, its features were determined – mastering the genre stylistic features of various discursive genres, contextualization and the ability to use “communicative models”, functionality. Five main arguments for the formation of discursive competence among basic secondary school students were also formulated. Turning to the works of modern scientists on the topic of discourse and discursive competence, the clustering method was used to determine different approaches to distinguishing the components of communicative competence in the works of various scientists and to determine the main features of communicative competence, then the generalization method to identify their common tendencies, the inductive method to determine the discursive competence. According to most scientists, the main feature of discursive competence is the coherence of speech, but the most common of all discourses, oral discourse, is characterized by incoherence, nonnormative syntax, random pauses and repetitions, asyndeton, anacoluphe. Thus, the prevailing until now definition of discursive competence is not compatible with oral discourse. Discursive competence is competence that involves the understanding and use of verbal and paraverbal signs characteristic of a particular discursive genre, as well as the use of communicative strategies inherent in the communicative situation, knowledge and operation of the extralinguistic aspect in order to create one’s own statements in accordance with the discursive genre features.


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