Project activities in music lessons in preschool education

Keywords: project activity, project method, creativity, preschooler, preschool education institution


 The article considers the issue of implementing project activities in the educational process of preschool education. Today, design penetrates into life phenomena, processes, spheres of society: more and more things are products of conscious human activity and are a unique way to ensure co-creation, cooperation of adults and children. Project activities allow to implement a personality-oriented approach to the upbringing and education of preschool children and promotes the development of their creative abilities, turns them into active participants in all events taking place in preschool education. The aim of the research is to reveal the essence of the concepts of «project», «project activity», as well as the peculiarities of using the method of projects in music lessons in preschool education. Project activity is the most important component of pedagogical activity. This process includes educational systems of different levels, the content of education, pedagogical technologies, management of the pedagogical process, planning and monitoring the development of educational institutions. It is shown that the method of design, a modern method of integration of activities, allows you to solve a set of problems subordinate to one topic, a variety of techniques and methods, gradually and in the system. The method is relevant and effective. It gives the child the opportunity to synthesize the acquired knowledge, develop creative abilities and communication skills. It is noted that project activities allow children to develop research skills and cognitive interest, there is an integration between common ways of solving different problems and activities. Project activities help to connect learning with life, develop communicative and moral qualities. The main task of the educator is to involve the child in the wonderful and beautiful world of music, to develop children's musical and creative abilities, to help through the artistic perception of musical images to understand the connection of musical art with the world, to form moral and aesthetic attitude to it. «Project» management of the music-educational process in the preschool institution contributes to the further improvement of music-educational work with preschool children in the modern education system.


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Mkrtichian, O. (2022). Project activities in music lessons in preschool education. Scientific Notes of the Pedagogical Department, (50), 81-87.

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