Human resources risks in international business

Keywords: risk, international business, exploitation of workers, hidden workforce, child labour, conflicts, mobbing, expatriation


The article deals with human resources risks in international business. The authors studies, human resources risks, which are constantly reinforcing and have their own particularities in international business. As staff comes from different countries, three types of human resources risks can occur: risk of expatriation; risk, which is related to multinationalteam ; risk of abusing of foreign labourforce. Risk of expatriation includes all the problems, which can happen to an employee, who goes abroad during business trips. One of the biggest risks, which an expatriate can suffer from is the risk of mental health loss. Risk of multinationality can be represented by international conflicts, mobbing based on nationality and problems of establishing management system. Risk of abuse of foreign labourforce may appear in three forms: exploitation of illegal foreign workers; using labourforce of foreign employees, who got into slavery because of unfair recruitment agencies; presence of violence, inappropriate working conditions and child labour in MNC`s supply chains.


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