Prospects for the development of gastro tourism in Ukraine in the post-war period

Keywords: gastronomy, gastronomic tourism, gastronomic tour, gastronomic festival, wine tourism, culinary tourism, tourist product, post-war development


Gastronomic tourism is an introduction to the traditional cuisine of a particular area, available to any tourist, not just the fate of the chosen ones. The article highlights the main features, trends, problems and prospects of the development of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine in modern conditions. The purpose of the study is to develop theoretical and methodological provisions for the improvement of the gastronomic tourism market of Ukraine, taking into account the realities of the post-war recovery of the industry. The subject of the study is the prospects for the development of gastrotourism in Ukraine in the post-war period. During the writing of the article, official statistical data on the development of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine, analytical data on the state of tourist industry facilities, and current legal documents were used. The conducted research was based mainly on the use of methods of theoretical analysis, analysis of statistical data, expert assessments and comparative analysis. The following results were obtained. The paper analyzes the state and prospects of the development of gastrotourism in Ukraine, examines the resource gastronomic potential of the country, and proposes a strategy for the development of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine in the post-war period, which is currently very relevant in the context of the restoration of tourism in the country. The areas of strategic development of gastronomic tourism are presented, each of which has its own strategic goals and tasks that must be completed to achieve the set goal. Conclusions. Based on the conducted research, for the further development of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine as part of the implementation of the domestic and inbound tourism development program, it is necessary to: develop new gastronomic tourism routes and update the existing ones; develop a program to support small and medium-sized enterprises that participate in the creation and operation of gastronomic tours; to improve the state of the tourist infrastructure, primarily in the places of hostilities; engage in the development of gastronomic brands and their promotion at the national and international levels; ensure the training of highly qualified personnel in the field of service; to develop partnerships with international organizations on matters of tourism and cultural heritage support, etc. Thanks to the proposed measures, it will be possible to ensure the competitiveness of tourist destinations and enterprises, increase the number and quality of jobs, the quality of life of the local population, including by expanding the capabilities of local communities and interested parties in planning and decision-making regarding the management and development of tourism.


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Hanna Haponenko, Olena Yevtushenko, Irina Shamara, & Karina Boloto. (2023). Prospects for the development of gastro tourism in Ukraine in the post-war period. The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: International Relations. Economics. Country Studies. Tourism, (17), 128-140.