Historical re-enactments and formation of event tourist product of the country

Keywords: historical reconstructions, event tourism, tourism policy, event management


The aim of the study is to analyze the theoretical aspects of historical re-enactments, to identify trends and prospects for the development of historical re-enactments, as well as provide recommendations for the development of event tourism in Ukraine. The article considers the main forms of historical re-enactments. Usually such events take place in the form of festivals or in the form of "living" museums ("eco-museums"), which operate temporarily or on a permanent basis. The paper shows the role of historical re-enactments as a basis for the formation of an event tourism product. The number of events based on historical re-enactments is growing rapidly. In the field of historical re-enactments, a whole industry was formed; professional historians, ethnographers, tailors, gunsmiths and representatives of many other specialties are involved in their organization. In order to determine the tourist potential of festivals of historical re-enactments, the experience of holding such events in Spain is analyzed. It was found that the theme of the events is mainly related to the events that took place in this region, local people were involved in the organization of events. In most cases, the organizers are representatives of regional structures (both local authorities and public organizations) in cooperation with tourist offices. In conclusion, it is noted that historical re-enactments today can contribute to the development of local tourism, as well as economic development, and the activities of reconstructors can be an effective factor in preserving cultural heritage. In this area, the work of reconstructors can be an effective factor in "reviving" historical memory, as well as drawing attention to the problem of preservation and use of cultural heritage by the authorities. According to the author, event tourism is one of the most promising areas of tourism revival in our country. It is important that such activities are consistent and designed for the long term, which will form a certain tradition, which will also be the key to success.


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