Strategic directions of growing the economic potential of the enterprise

Keywords: potential, economic potential, strategy, strategic increase, financial potential, innovation potential


The article considers and generalizes the definition of the category "economic potential", the author's interpretation of this definition is offered. Theoretical aspects of strategic increase of economic potential of enterprises are given. The economic potential of an enterprise is an integral part of the overall potential of any economic system. The economic situation in the country in recent years is increasingly conducive to increasing research in the context of economic development. There is usually no unambiguous interpretation of this definition, because as many scientists as there are opinions and approaches. Many scientists recommend conducting research on economic potential at both the macro and micro levels, which will take into account not only the factors of business development and its resource provision, but also the degree of impact on external capacity building and assess the consequences. The enterprise, as an economic system, independently forms, develops and uses its own economic potential at the discretion of management and for its effective development. Accordingly, the hypothesis arises that economic potential is the driving force of business competitiveness. That is, the competitive position of the company in the market depends on all factors of business success - ie economic potential. Achieving a high level of economic potential is the main criterion for the effective operation of the enterprise. This indicator characterizes the level of use of all resources of the enterprise, as well as its competitiveness in the market and the ability to respond to external and internal threats. When conducting a comprehensive assessment of the level of economic potential, it becomes clear what strategy should be used for its development and effective operation.


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Kostiantyn Pavlov, Olena Pavlova, Liudmyla Shostak, & Darina Romanyuk. (2021). Strategic directions of growing the economic potential of the enterprise. The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: International Relations. Economics. Country Studies. Tourism, (14), 90-95.