Digitalization of consumer market entities activity: opportunities and threats

Keywords: digitalization, information and communication technologies, economic security, information security, threats, opportunities, consumer market entities, cybercrime


The research paper is devoted to the digitalization process in the consumer market participants’ activity at the present stage, as well as the state and development of digital transformation. It is proved that digitalization implementation expands the possibilities of new formats of consumer market entities activity organization and management, as well as effects on the level of their economic growth, competitiveness in terms of digital and IT-decision-making competencies. The digitalization characteristic features (economic essence, purpose, goals, principles, elements, trend digital products) for successful use of modern information products in all spheres of activity are determined and generalized. The digitalization process should be considered from the standpoint of state (national level), enterprises and institutions (business sector) and the population (public sector). Digitalization opportunities wide range is identified; it allows building transparent digital state under the conditions of development and IT-opportunities activation; increasing GDP in all areas of activity; creating new types of products; increasing the technological process productivity under robotics and sensors use; strengthening the enterprise’s communication relations with stakeholders; intensifying targeting; using remote forms of work; finding new markets for products and goods promotion; creating comfortable conditions for the population during online orders, services and financial payments making, etc. The transactional operations realization, information storage in the digital space causes the intensification and spreading of illegal actions, creates threats for enterprises economic security. The possible negative consequences of the information and communication technologies widespread use by the state, enterprises, society are considered; it allows developing the threats model of market participants economic and information security and filters for their neutralization in terms of the digital transformation. In the digitalization process, consumer market participants are recommended to use organizational, legal and technical filters of threats neutralization that will ensure economic and information security of enterprises and society.


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Hanna Chmil. (2021). Digitalization of consumer market entities activity: opportunities and threats. The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: International Relations. Economics. Country Studies. Tourism, (13), 124-134.