Modern trends and prospects for the introduction of information technologies in the Ukrainian tourism industry

Keywords: information technology, travel industry, travel enterprises, website, mobile applications, direct traffic, organic traffic, paid search


Information technology greatly simplifies the process of forming a tourist product using computer networks, international reservation systems, electronic databases of tourism regulations, automated systems of settlement payments and etc. The impact of information technology on tourism is carried out by the following ways: increasing the efficiency of enterprise management, improving the quality of customer services, creating and implementing new services. The subject of the research is the introduction of information technology in the Ukrainian tourism industry. The purpose of the article is to identify trends and outline the definite prospects of using modern information technology in the tourism industry. The following research methods are used in the article: analysis and synthesis to closer define the essence of information technology; observation and theoretical generalizations to reveal the characteristics of introduction of information technology in the activity of enterprises in the tourism industry; statistical method to analyze the current condition of information technology in the tourism industry; graphical and tabular techniques to determine the relationship between indicators, their illustrations and the presentation of research results. The results we have obtained are following. The most popular websites in Ukraine in the categories “Accommodation and Hotels”, “Air Travel” “Ground Transportation” and “Tourist Attractions” are,,, and Compared to the world experience, the percentage of paid search in Ukraine is higher, it means that some companies do not have a well-developed brand. The rating in mobile apps for all companies is above 4, it is a good mark. Due to the pandemic, tourism is now in a difficult situation, it has also affected the statistics of all indicators on web resources, but the experts pay attention to the historical sustainability of tourism and its ability to cope with crises. From the comparative characteristics of web pages in four categories in Ukraine and in the world, we can conclude that in our country the brands of these companies are not enough developed, the popularity among tourists is lower, and the percentage of search traffic is also lower. To increase the website traffic and the level of awareness of tourism businesses, tourism enterprises should use social networks to provide up-to-date information to tourists and to maintain customer contact, as well as send promotions and discounts.


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