The importance of a business plan for the effective functioning of the enterprises of the sphere of services in the conditions of crisis

Keywords: business plan, domestic tourism, economic crisis, pandemic, development of a business plan, the role of business planning, tourism enterprise


Currently, the domestic tourism business development is carried out in the economic crisis conditions, uncertainty and unstable society life. Such an uncertain economic situation requires an active search for new ideas and solutions to increase competitiveness and maximize profits. The article establishes the reasons for the business plan emergence and the process of its distribution in domestic spaces; the role and functions are investigated; international studies of the business plan impact on the enterprise operation are analyzed. The feasibility and necessity of business planning in a crisis indused by a pandemiс are revealed. The subject of this article is a business plan as a component of the tourism enterprise success. The goal is to establish the relationship between the presence of a business plan in an enterprise and its more efficient functioning among competitors in a crisis. Objective: to determine the need of enterprise business plan creation. General scientific methods are used: systemic, descriptive, comparative and structural-logical analysis. The following results were obtained: on the basis of the study, a direct relationship between the increased efficiency of the enterprises which have a presented business plan compared to enterprises without it was revealed. It is shown that in the conditions of the economic crisis it is the most advisable to open enterprises focused on domestic tourism, in particular medical tours, rural green and children's tourism. Conclusions: entrepreneurs need to spend their time drawing up a business plan to set goals and plan for their business if they want to have faster growth and higher profitability. It seems appropriate to update it periodically so that the business remains competitive and constantly improves.


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