Cinema tourism as an innovative direction of tourism development in Ukraine

Keywords: cinema tourism, film industry destinations of cinema tourism, cinema tourism in Ukraine


Cinema tourism as one of the specialized types of cultural and cognitive tourism is an innovative area where meeting cultural needs is the main goal. Cinema tourism can be represented by various qualifications and types of cultural and cognitive tourism (by duration, directions, purpose, way of travel, duration of stay, organizational forms etc.). The characteristics of the forms of cinema tourism with examples have been given. The classification of the destinations of cinema tourism has been indicated. The subject of the study is the film industry development in Ukraine, which directly affects the creation of destinations, that are one of the factors of the film tourism development, in the country. The purpose of the article is to analyze the film tourism development in the world and, in particular, in Ukraine. The main objectives of the study are: to analyze geographic aspects of the film tourism development in Ukraine; to quantify the availability of movies made in the territory of cities and regions of Ukraine as well as destinations, locations that were used in filming; to determine the prospects of the film tourism development in Ukraine. The research methods are: empirical and statistical analysis of actual data; analytical and comparative research method which means study of the current state of film tourism resources for film tourism in Ukraine; complex method which is a full description of the research object; generalizations about the current state of film tourism in Ukraine. The following results have been obtained: it has been determined that film tourism, as one of the specialized types of cultural and educational tourism, is an innovative approach, according to which meeting the cultural needs of tourists is the main goal. The cinema tourism influence on the economic growth of a number of countries has been analyzed, and Ukraine too. In recent years, the high increase in the number of  moviegoers offers marketers a cinema product as one of the alternative means of promotion. Sites, studios, hotels, houses and especially places where movies have been or are being filmed become a tourist attraction. Today, the role of the cinema industry and tourism is constantly increasing, which allows many countries to effectively improve their economies and give international tourism strategic importance for stimulating employment. Conclusions: the preconditions for the development of cinema tourism in the world are, first and foremost, natural geographical features, socio-economic, historical and cultural tourist resources, which have become filming objects. Films give the opportunity of full usage of natural resources, that’s why cinema tourism satisfies these needs. Cinema tourism is quite difficult to be organized, because its object can be both a separate telephone booth and the landscape of the whole country. Literary works, which might be called an “ally”, have a significant influence on the development of cinema tourism as well because of a great number of movies based on books. This factor plays an important role in the development and popularization of cinema tourism.


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