Analytical estimation of the external market of Ukraine

Keywords: foreign trade commodity flows, analytical assessment of competitiveness, world market, export and import, trade balance, national balance of payments


At the beginning of the third millennium in the conditions of rapid globalization a key value was purchased by foreign economic activity (FEA), as one of important macroeconomic factors of development of modern economy. The benefits of this activity were recognized long ago. The subject of research of this article are the main principles and trends in the development of foreign trade commodity flows of  the Ukraine in coordination  with its macroeconomic situation and world market conditions. The aim is to analyse the principles  of  the current state of  foreign trade, as well as   the methods of its regulation and the impact of export-import operations on GDP and the ways of forming foreign trade profits. The task is to research  the efficiency of  foreign trade  market which  is determined by the results of foreign trade balance. To provide the higher  level of  reliable accounting of  the Ukrainian   export - import data. Analytical necessity of territorial connections  which depend on different  the requirememts of the state. Estimation on different levels  of country’s competitiveness is being used. General scientific methods and all methodological palette of statistical indexes are being used. The obtained  results provide  legislative  and executive  state bodies with important statistics  data  aboyt  Ukrainian foreign trade  and  enable the government to take proper decisions and to control the market of  the Ukraine. Conclusions: recommendations for further  development of foreign economic activities, the development of politics of  the Ukraine and international organizations, and also the analytical estimation of current trends on world markets.


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