Ozonosphere comment on changes surface temperature distribution North Atlantic

  • О. В. Холопцев Перший український морський інститут
  • О. В. Больших Перший український морський інститут
Keywords: total ozone, North Atlantic, interannual changes, surface temperature, jet flow, turbulence, air, troposphere, stratosphere


The features of thelocation of theozone layersegments, where thestatistical relationshipof interannualchanges inthe CCAduring the springand autumn months, as well as variationsof the surfacetemperatureof the North Atlanticarea, is essential.In thespring months ofsuch segmentsof the atmospherelocatedHNover individualportionsof subtropical andextra-tropicaljet streams, and over thepolar regions. Areas of similarsegmentsare maximal. Inautumnthe areais much lesssimilarsegments, they are located in the zonecorrespondingsubtropicaljet stream. Revealed featuresconsistentunderstanding of the impacton the processesof airbetweenthe troposphere and stratospherethat havejet streams. Theyshow asignificantstatistical relationshipbetween changes insurface temperatureof oceanwaters, which are locatedin different hemispheres.


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