Aims & Scope

Man and Environment. Issues of Neoecology - periodical scientific publication of Ukraine in the field of geographical and agricultural sciences.

Scientific specialized publication of Ukraine Categories "B" in the fields of science: 10 Natural sciences by specialties 101 Ecology, 103 Earth sciences; 20 Agricultural sciences and food by specialties 201 Agronomy, 205 Forestry.

Registration and DAC of Ukraine: Order of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine No. 409 dated March 17, 2020.

The aim of the journal is to publish review articles and articles containing original research findings in various fields of Geography, Environmental Sciences and Agriculture Multidisciplinary.
It includes issues of research in constructive geography, environmental monitoring, human ecology, protected territories, agronomy, agricultural technologies and agroecology, forestry and forest science. The problems of assessment, modeling and optimization of the state of the environment, land policy and territorial planning are also considered in the journal.

For specialists, scientists and researchers working in the domain of environmental protection as well as for lecturers, BSs, MSc and PhD students from higher educational institutions of Ukraine and other countries without any restrictions.