About the Journal


The Journal is listed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a professional periodical of the «B»category in the field of historical sciences in the specialty 032 (the decree № 409 from 17.03.2020).

The purposes of the Journal are to cover new original historical issues and to reflect the achievements of investigators in a wide range of knowledge about the past – from ancient and medieval history, archaeology, ethnography to new and modern history, historiography and source studies.

The geography of the investigations covers both domestic and foreign countries. Researchers from different scientific centres of Ukraine as well as abroad publish their works in the Journal.

We give preference to original articles presenting new ideas, summarizing the experience of formulating and solving contemporary issues in domestic and foreign historical studies. Materials that provide critical reviews of the achievements of historical science, as well as reviews of scientific and methodological publications in the field of historical studies, are published.

The mission of the Journal is to contribute to the development of a wide range of modern research approaches in the field of historical studies. We are striving to actively introduce these approaches into practice, which should promote the establishment of high standards of university teaching of historical disciplines based on the achievements of modern historical knowledge. The Journal seeks to take an active part in the formation of a common historical field within the Ukrainian academic space, as well as to present the results of Ukrainian academic space  in the field of history in the international arena.