Sexual education of secondary school students: problems and ways of solution

Keywords: sex education, personality, health protection, development, safety, secondary school student


The need for all-round personality development actualizes the need for sex education among secondary school students, and annoying statistics confirm its urgency. The article analyzes the state of the organization of the process of sexual education of secondary school students, and also identifies ways to solve this problem. It was revealed that, in spite of theoretical developments, the practical embodiment of sex education among secondary school students is in its infancy, is carried out sporadically (it is part of individual disciplines, is carried out during class hours). An analysis of scientific sources, empirical studies and the results of the survey conducted established a contradiction between the need of secondary school student youth for comprehensive and targeted sex education and the unwillingness to carry it out by educational institutions for a number of reasons. The article substantiates the need for sex education for secondary school students, suggests the possible content of the discipline and outlines the functions that it performs, emphasizing that the basis of the subject is based not only on understanding sexuality and establishing gender identity, but also in the ability to defend one's own boundaries, to solve the problem of violence; in the understanding that you need to respect other people and reckon with their thoughts and attitudes; as well as in the adaptation of the child to society according to his age and development.


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Shvedova , Y., Zhuravel, K., Statsenko, K., & Khamalyan, A. (2021). Sexual education of secondary school students: problems and ways of solution. Scientific Notes of the Pedagogical Department, (49), 52-60.