Assessment of cadets'leadership qualities

Keywords: leadership, leadership qualities, evaluation, evaluation methods, qualimetric model


The essence of leadership qualities of cadets is considered in the article, the necessity and importance of their formation during higher military education are emphasizes. The analysis of the scientific literature showed disagreements both in the interpretation of the essence of the concept of "leadership qualities" and in the list of the most important leadership qualities. The authors came to the conclusion that nowdays due to a number of objective factors the leadership qualities of cadets should be considered as an important component of hard-skills.The processes of formation and development of leadership qualities must be comprehensive and systematic. An obligatory component is the availability of an objective system for assessing the level of manifestation and dynamics of leadership qualities. In the modern literature there are a number of psychological tests and complex methods of assessment of leadership qualities. However, the authors are convinced that in each case (meaning the specialty and specialization) changes as the list of the most important leadership qualities as the methods and procedures for their evaluation. The results of a sociological survey conducted to form a list of leadership qualities of future specialists in the structures of moral and psychological support of the AFU are presented. The authors developed and conducted training aimed at the formation of certain qualities. The training involves the use of various methods to assess the level of emergence of leadership qualities. The results of the training allowed to make a comparative analysis of such assessment methods as: psychological tests, sociomeria, case-study, expert assessment. The results of pedagogical observation of cadets during the training confirmed the fact that the methods of assessing leadership qualities cannot be the same in different conditions. However, it is possible to create a system of comprehensive assessment of leadership qualities of cadets, based on qualimetric models. The authors present a fragment for constructing a basic qualimetric model.


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