Peculiarities, problems and prospects of the global economic development

Keywords: global economic development, global economy, developing countries, a growing interdependence of the world


The article summarizes the results of research and forecast estimates submitted by international and regional organizations, scientific centers of the world and national levels with respect to the features, problems and prospects of global economic development. The paper highlights the peculiarities of the present stage of development of a globalized economy. Taking this into account developed countries face the problem of increasing competitiveness, innovation, the aging population, and many developing countries have labor market and infrastructure reforms ahead, which are necessary to attract both domestic and foreign investments.

The article concludes that during the development of the global economy will have change the list of the top 10 economies in the world by 2050, is activated immigration policies which are necessary for the global competition for scarce labor resources; economic growth in different countries will differentiate depending on the content of national structural reforms and the quality of policy decisions


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