Water resource potential of the world economy: problems of use and protection

  • А.+ Golikov
  • N. Kazakova
Keywords: water resources, water resource potential, depletion of the water resource potential, global water problem, water law


The paper considers water–resource potential of the world economy which is suggested to be thought of as the aggregate capacity of all freshwater sources, expressed in physical terms (cubic meters, cubic kilometers), or in  money terms per unit time. Water–resource potential of the world economy is limited. Fresh water resources that with reasonable cost could be involved into economic use are close to depletion. Humanity already uses 1/10 of their total volume and more than 1/4 of the objectively available volume. Whereas deadweight losses of water account for more than 1/2 of its total consumption. Population growth, the rise of the productive forces and the improvement of quality of life in developing countries will lead to increase of water consumption norms for each their inhabitant of the planet. Hence, the need for water resources will increase and the possibility of meeting them will decline. There is a danger of complete depletion of the water resource potential of the world economy in 80–90 years. There is a global water problem caused by objective (spatial disparity in the water demand and its availability) and subjective (the development of wet industries, the limited use of in–plant recycling, pollution and depletion of water sources) reasons. Water transforms from the economic category into a political, causing international conflicts. It raises a question of training of diplomats– expert in the field of water law.


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