Prospects оf сooperation between Ukraine аnd Iran

Keywords: economic relations, foreign policy, geopolitical problems, cooperation


Due to a combination of favorable factors, the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the leading regional states in the Middle East and one of the prominent geopolitical actors on the world stage. Successful location at the crossroads of the East-West and North-South international routes, the presence of significant resource and geopolitical potential allow Iran to form and adhere to its own foreign policy. The state's promotion of its own interests in the Middle East, activities in other parts of the world, development of nuclear, space and missile programs in combination with opposition to the above by Western countries and regional rivals determines Iran's special role in the international arena. The determining factor is that the country has been subject to various types and severity of international sanctions for the past 40 years, and political, ideological and ethno-religious factors limit the traditional possibilities of the country's foreign policy, which is offset by Iran's flexibility. The study focuses on the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. The aim of the work is to investigate a set of factors and actions that allow to designate the Islamic Republic of Iran not only as a key regional player in the Middle East, but also as an important geopolitical actor on the world stage. To achieve this goal, the following tasks were set and solved, namely, the current geopolitical problems of Iran were analyzed and further prospects for cooperation between Ukraine and Iran were identified. Methods of analysis and synthesis were used during the study. The special relevance of the study of IRI's position in the international arena is due to the insufficient disclosure of this issue in domestic publications of the expert community. While the example of Iran is interesting in terms of ways and tools to form regional leadership, as well as promoting its own positions around the world in the face of constraints on the part of the world community.


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