Green tract organizing prospects in Ukraine as an internal tourism market development priority direction

Keywords: Greenways, eco-trails, rural green tourism, domestic tourism, European integration, «Greenways of Kharkiv region»


The development of tourism in the region is part of the socio-economic complex, and directly affects such industries as manufacturing, trade, transport, agriculture and the production of consumer goods, and is also one of the promising areas in the formation of the economy`s GDP. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, rural green tourism has become a separate significant sector of the tourism market in the developed countries of the world. Most of the Ukrainian regions, relying on the unique nature, rich cultural and material heritage as well as traditions of the rural population, are also successfully implementing projects in the field of rural green tourism. However, in general, its share in the total volume of tourist services in Ukraine remains relatively low. Therefore, the possibility of developing rural green tourism, including the organization of greenways, is still extremely relevant. The purpose of the study is to develop theoretical provisions and practical recommendations regarding the prospects of organizing Greenways in Ukraine as a priority area for the development of the domestic tourism market, in particular the Kharkiv region. To achieve the goal, the following tasks were set and solved: the features of the formation and development of rural green tourism in Ukraine and the Kharkiv region were revealed; a greenway to support and popularize rural green tourism in the Kharkiv region was developed. Research methodology. To accomplish the assigned research tasks, general scientific and special methods were used: analysis and synthesis - during the study of the role and place of tourism in the development of regions; logical, dialectical, method of generalization, complex and systemic approaches - to improve the conceptual apparatus of the research; statistical analysis, comparison and generalization - during the study of the features of the organizational and economic mechanism for the development of rural green tourism. As a result of the study, priority directions for the development of tourism were identified, which need to be implemented primarily in Ukraine and in the Kharkiv region in particular. For this, the authors have chosen the direction of the combination of active tourism with a cognitive component. Realization of the tourist potential of the Kharkiv region includes the creation of a greenway with cycling equipment. The ecological route “Greenways of the Kharkiv region” introduces the richness and diversity of the natural, cultural and historical heritage of the Kharkiv region, its traditions, culture, crafts, interesting people who preserve the originality of these places, friendly owners of agro-estates, where you can interestingly relax, try national cuisine and dive into the folk life traditions. Findings. The organization of the greenway will: improve and maintain the quality of the environment and create new opportunities for recreation; provide connections between district and suburban green spaces; create opportunities for active recreation, provide alternative transport routes. Further development of this and other greenways in Ukraine will create a positive image and increase the attractiveness of the territory, form a regional tourism product, increase tourist flows and ensure budget replenishment.


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Hanna Haponenko, Anastasiia Vasylenko, & Irina Shamara. (2021). Green tract organizing prospects in Ukraine as an internal tourism market development priority direction. The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: International Relations. Economics. Country Studies. Tourism, (13), 174-185.