Tools of improving the quality of tourist services in the conditions of competition

Keywords: business processes, quality of service, tourist product, management, competitiveness, demand, tourist activity, sale of tourist product


The article examines the theoretical and practical principles of business process management in the field of tourism. The factors are given and their influence on creation of qualitative tourist service is investigated; the most essential quality criteria influencing activity of the enterprises of tourist sphere are resulted. The subject of the article is the aspects of business process management of modern tourism enterprises, the management of which should be aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of tourism services. To this end, attention is focused on the quality of tourist services in view of the strengthening of individualization of demand. Objective: to consider the structuring of tourist services, to identify general and specific components that are inherent in the tourist offer, to explore the features of the process approach to business process management in the tourism industry through the prism of interpretations of modern scientists. The following general scientific methods were used in the research: analytical, descriptive, comparative, systematic, systemic. The following results were obtained: it was proved that the process approach is a modern, powerful and effective means of managing the activities of a tourist enterprise and significantly improves the quality of tourist services. However, in practice, due to the specifics of the tourism business, the separation of business processes of the tourism enterprise is a difficult task. Conclusions: the main essential properties of the business process of a tourist enterprise are separated, which characterize it as a set of interconnected operations, including organization, interdependence, efficiency, continuity, convenience, application of Internet technologies to increase efficiency and effectiveness of business processes of tourist enterprises. . The business process inherent in the tourist enterprise that distinguishes it from set of the enterprises of other spheres is offered.


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Liudmyla Bondarenko. (2021). Tools of improving the quality of tourist services in the conditions of competition. The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: International Relations. Economics. Country Studies. Tourism, (13), 167-173.