Prospects for digitalization of the economy of Ukraine: opportunities and threats

Keywords: INDUSTRY 4.0, digital economy, global digital space, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity


Today in some countries there is more and in others - less effective digital transformation in the direction of introduction and use of modern digital technologies in the field of tangible and intangible production. Its goal is to increase the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises, as well as the national economy as a whole. The subject of the article is the process of creation and development of the digital economy. It is he who in the future must bring material production to a new level and ensure the solution of the problems of international competitiveness of domestic production and national security of Ukraine. The aim of the article is to study the prospects of innovative development of Ukraine in the context of digitalization of the economy, as well as related opportunities and threats to the Ukrainian economy. General scientific methods are used, such as systems analysis, synthesis and abstract-logical analysis to study the essence of the digital economy, which creates conditions for efficient production of material goods, determines progress in all areas of the national economy. The following results have been obtained: in the modern sense, the digital economy is an infrastructure of economic activity based on information and computer digital technologies, cyberphysical systems, and artificial intelligence. This process dictates its own rules for the further development of material production, management and regulation, the system of social relations, the legal system and society as a whole. Conclusions: among the main tasks of the national program to create a digital economy in the emerging global digital space, should be highlighted digitization of material production, services and society as a whole, as well as ensuring effective participation of the country in all processes of global ecosystems of the digital economy and the global digital space. Today, Ukraine has a unique opportunity to make a "digital leap" in the main sectors of the economy. The development of digital infrastructure will guarantee new jobs, which will help reduce unemployment. It is the timely transition and massive digitalization that will help Ukraine integrate into the global trend.


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Elena Dovgal, Georgiy Dovgal, & Maria Ishchenko. (2021). Prospects for digitalization of the economy of Ukraine: opportunities and threats. The Journal of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Series: International Relations. Economics. Country Studies. Tourism, (13), 78-88.