State and prospect for the use of the castle-palace complex of Ukraine in tourism

Keywords: сastle, fortress, ways of development, tourism industry, reconstruction, restoration, hotel and restaurant business, investments, infrastructure, economy


Ukraine has a sufficient amount of tourist resources and a powerful potential for its further development. For today, castle tourism, based on the use of fortification objects, is extremely attractive both for tourists and for attracting investment in its development. At present, the castles have found their new purpose: they have become museums, hotels, art galleries, restaurants, platforms for theatrical performances and musical concerts, various shows and performances. Ukraine is not the first time back to the problem of preserving its historical and fortification heritage. The seriousness of this issue is determined by the fact that the castle heritage is in an extremely neglected state. Another negative phenomenon is still the indifference of the population to their own history and the current state of the tourist infrastructure. Ukrainian society should be the engine of practical changes. Historical monuments are destroyed, and sometimes the local population dismantles locks for building materials. But it should also be noted that Ukraine has all the possibilities and conditions for the development of castle tourism. Of course, there is definitely a lot of work to improve the conditions and quality of service, but the components of the success of the development of this area in the country go along with the preservation of natural landscapes, accessibility of the area, advantageous infrastructure, interesting tourist sites and facilities, the image of the state and a significant contribution of funds to country budget. The potential of castle tourism is amazing and needs to be developed. The subject of the research is the use of the castle-palace complex in tourism. The purpose of the research is an analysis of the current state and definition of prospects for the use of the castle-palace complex in Ukraine, first of all in the industry of hotel and restaurant business. Tasks: to highlight the main problems and prospects for the development of the castle tourism, to formulate the strategy of using the castle heritage of Ukraine. The scientific methods are a system analysis, a structural-genetic synthesis and a direct analysis. As results this study found the main directions of development of the castle tourism, the impact of this type of tourism on the country's economy and the ways of attracting investment for the development of castle-hotel business in Ukraine. The authors conclude due to the development of the castle tourism, the economy, which has a significant impact on the development of the state in general and on the standard of living of the population, is growing intensively. In the future, the establishment of a competitive market for services by upgrading the existing vacation infrastructure and the spread of small forms of recreation can significantly increase the number of tourists in our country, which will improve the economy and the quality of life of the population. It will also help create a new tourism infrastructure, increase the share of inbound tourism, which will positively affect the development of transport, accommodation and catering, retail, construction, communications, and insurance.


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