Prospects for improving technology in non-conventional energy development

Keywords: economic relations, non-traditional renewable energy, innovative susceptibility, priorities of international economic relations, scientific and technical cooperation


This article discusses the prospects for the development of the implementation of scientific and technical cooperation (STC). On the example of interstate cooperation between Ukraine and Chile, there are approaches to improving the procedure for developing cooperation priorities. The current state of these relations does not reflect real trends in the development of international economic relations (IER) in the vector of strengthening the scientific and technical component. The subject of research of the article is formation of scientific and technical cooperation priorities between Ukraine and Chile. The goal is to develop the approaches of foreground international economic relations formation in relation to the conditions in relation to the conditions of Ukraine and corresponding to the needs of overcoming crisis socio-economic phenomena based on the intensification of scientific and technical cooperation.The objective is to research the dynamics of the actual non-conventional energy production as one of the priority areas of cooperation between Ukraine and Chile. As part of this study, theoretical, methodological and system-logical methods for analyzing primary sources are used, including statistical materials, regulatory documents, scientific publications for descriptive and structural analysis to assess the initial state of international economic relations primary level and methods for forming trends in their development prospects. The following results were obtained: on the basis of phased analysis of the priorities formation for the development of Ukraine, was proposed an approach for analyzing the similarity of the integrated development of national economies. Conclusions: the results of the analysis allowed in the framework of interstate cooperation between Ukraine and Chile to highlight the promising area of development of non-traditional renewable energy.


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