CVC Structure of PtSi - Si<Pt>-M in a Wide Range of Temperatures

  • Abdugafur T. Mamadalimov Institute of Semiconductor Physics and Microelectronics at the National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Makhmudkhodja Sh. Isaev National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Tokhirjon U. Atamirzaev Namangan Engineering-Construction Institute, Namangan, Uzbekistan
  • Shamsiddin N. Ernazarov Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Mukhtor K. Karimov Urgench State University, Department of Physics, Urgench, Uzbekistan
Keywords: Structure, Diffusion, Concentration, Level of Adhesion, Photoconductivity, Trap, Injection, Silicide, Silicon, Platinum


In this work the mechanism of current flow during illumination with hν≥Eg in the temperature range of 77÷300 K is considered. It is established that in the PtSi – Si<Pt>-M structure in the temperature range of 77÷270 K the regime of space charge limited currents (SCLC) is realized. The current-voltage characteristics of the structures show areas of linear and quadratic dependences of current on voltage, as well as areas of a sharp increase in current. These features of the current-voltage characteristic are explained by the presence of deep level structures and sticking levels for charge carriers in the base region. From the temperature dependence of the SCLC, the concentration of adhesion levels was determined to be equal to (1.8÷3) 1015 cm-3 and the adhesion factor to be equal to 6.32·10-2. In the temperature range 77÷115 K at voltages 0.2÷1 V, the current-voltage characteristic obeys the law J ~ Un(n=3÷4), and above U – the law J ~ U6, followed by a transition to the quadratic law.


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Mamadalimov, A. T., Isaev, M. S., Atamirzaev, T. U., Ernazarov, S. N., & Karimov, M. K. (2024). CVC Structure of PtSi - Si<Pt&gt;-M in a Wide Range of Temperatures. East European Journal of Physics, (2), 358-361.

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