Peer-review process

All submitted manuscripts go through the peer review process. It contains a few steps.

First, a manuscript can be accepted for consideration only if the same work has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The second one is to make sure the manuscript fits the Focus and Scope of the Journal.

The next step is to verify that the paper is prepared according to the rules described in the Author Guidelines.

At least two independent reviewers are invited for the review process.

Once this is done, the manuscript will be sent to an appropriate editor (referee) based on the subject of the manuscript. The editor (referee) reads the manuscript closely and provides individual critiques in the form of a report that contains comments, remarks, and recommendations such as “Accept Submission,” “Revisions Required,” “Resubmit for Review,” “Reject Submission,” etc.

The editorial board sends the reports to the author(s) by e-mail either with a final decision or with a revision request, which the author(s) can accept or decline. Once the editor (referee) is satisfied with the latest version, the editorial board can accept it for publication.

This process is single-blinded, which means that the referee knows the author(s) of the manuscript but not vice versa.