A meta-analysis of deletion 2282del4 in the gene FLG as a risk factor for atopic dermatitis

  • Д. О. Сівальньова
  • Л. О. Атраментова
Keywords: meta-analysis; FLG gene; 2282del4; atopic dermatitis


The article contains the results of a meta-analysis of the association of a mutation with atopic dermatitis by example of a deletion 2282del4 in the gene FLG. Detection of the mutation was performed by PCR-RFLP. A meta-analysis of 10 publications was performed by the method Mantel-Haenszel. The value of odds ratios in the studied works ranging from 1.78 to 32.5. In two studies, 95% confidence interval includes one, this means that the result is not statistically significant. For a fixed effects model the average value ORMH=3,93, for the random effects model ORMH=4,29. Along with this, values of the confidence intervals are highly variable (4.4 and 1.97). So for representatives of the European race at a high level of significance there was proved association of atopic dermatitis with a deletion 2282del4 of the gene FLG. Statistical estimates obtained can be used in genetic prediction, taking into account regional peculiarities.


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