Keywords: Creative Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Staff, Communication, Business Model


The article highlights features of components of the innovative business environment in today’s conditions of socio-economic development. Determined that a person’s creative potential serves as a driver of business improvement. The study emphasizes that innovation is an important aspect of a stable functioning of the country. Stated that innovative entrepreneurship is a set of technological, empirical, financial actions focused on the commercialization of the obtained data, skills and purchased equipment. Classification of types of innovations are presented: technical, technological, organizational-administrative, informational, social. We found out that a basic platform of activity of companies which are at a stage of updating their own manufacture, serves the innovative business project. The main components of the innovation environment in creative entrepreneurship are process, methodology and culture. Proved that the process is conditioned by transparent and fruitful interaction of participants of social and economic relations. Substantiated that the effectiveness of harmoniously established mechanisms in the company can be assessed by organizational structure, IT system, time and resources. Evaluated that the main task of methodology of the innovation environment is constant qualification development of business process participants, improving their skills in solving work problems. At the same time, the main task of the cultural component of the innovation space is to create a safe space in which business process participants can generate and develop their own ideas without obstacles. We construct that the success of entrepreneurial activity in current realities of market uncertainty depends entirely on full-fledged use of human resources. Attention is paid to the modeling of innovative business with identification of the most popular business model templates. The basic principles of modeling in creative entrepreneurship are systematized, namely: neglect of branch logic, forgetting past experience, lack of comparison with competitors, challenge of traditionalism, generating many opinions and possibility of error, and so on.


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Author Biography

Larysa Oliinyk, Vasyl' Stus Donetsk National University, 4, Yangel str., Vinnitsa, 21000, Ukraine

PhD (Economics), Associate Professor


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