The features of the spatiotemporal distribution of temperature and air humidity anomalies in the northern polar region

  • Т. Є. Данова Odessa State Environmental University
  • Є. А. Мельник Odessa State Environmental University
Keywords: air temperature, mixture ratio, relative humidity, anomaly, northern polar area


The object of the studies is spatial and temporal distribution of temperature and humidity anomalies characteristics in the northern polar region, calculated according to the Internet resource ERA-40. Analysis of the visualized field anomalies of temperature and humidity characteristics revealed the dependence of formation characteristics of the meridional circulation of air temperature contrasts, depending on the position of the field borders of sea ice. Formation of an enduring thermal trough in the New Siberian Islands connected with circulation features in the study area and the peculiarities of the underlying surface have been revealed as a result of a two-year study. Formation of a zone of negative anomalies of relative humidity over Greenland with a seven-year interval due to the nature of the underlying surface and the changes in the circulation of the North Atlantic Oscillation has been considered. In the New Siberian Islands area of positive anomalies relative humidity in the field of thermal ridge has been observed. Formation zone of elevated temperatures in this region leads to an increase in moisture content in the air, which intensifies the process of cloud formation and growth records of relative humidity. The analysis of seasonal changes in the air temperature of the north polar region has showed that the ridge heat in Siberian Islands is observed only in the warm season, so the increase in air temperature in summer by 4,0ºC makes significant gains in  instant mixing ratios.


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Author Biographies

Т. Є. Данова, Odessa State Environmental University
PhD (Geography), Associate Professor
Є. А. Мельник, Odessa State Environmental University
Postgraduate Student
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