Development of local eco-network of Lutsk territorial community: features and problems

Keywords: local ecological network, natural nuclei, connecting element, restoration territories, natural development territories, nature reserve fund, territorial community, Volyn region


Introduction. Planning of ecological networks at the local level is one of the most difficult stages of geospatial organization of the territory, which requires a detailed and balanced approach, thorough analysis of topographic materials, land management data and the use of geographic information technologies. Local-level eco-networks have a number of features related to the need for a high level of detalization and connectivity of their components. For them, specific model questions are formed about the assignment of certain areas to the structural and functional elements of the ecological network. At the same time, these elements are complementary elements in the structure of ecological networks of regional importance.

The purpose of the article. The purpose of the study is to find out the conditions and specific features of the local eco-network of the Lutsk territorial community, to justify the allocation of its structural and functional elements, the current state of development and recommendations to ensure proper functioning.

Methods. To study the features of the territorial organization of preserved areas of the urban community, in particular, as part of the nature reserve network and the Emerald network, substantiation of the boundaries of functional components of the local eco-network, elucidation of functional relationships between its elements, construction of cartographic models methods of field research, comparative geographical analysis, cartographic analysis, statistical analysis were used.

Results. The natural conditions of the community, sources of economic impact and anthropogenic transformation of the environment, indicators of nature reserves, the level of naturalness of other areas: swamps, wetlands, water protection zones, forests, protective forest belts, reclaimed areas due to their obvious necessity inclusion in the local eco-network to ensure its functional integrity were analyzed. 13 natural nuclei, seven connecting elements, buffer zones potentially suitable for increasing the area of natural nuclei and ecological corridors of the territory of restoration and territory of natural development have been identified.

The scientific novelty. The substantiation of structural and functional elements of the first local level eco-network in Volyn Region is made, the map of the local eco-network is developed, the problems of functioning are determined and the prospects of development are analyzed.

Practical significance. The development of the local ecological network of the Lutsk town territorial community is a pilot project of the development of local ecological network of the territorial communities of the Volyn region.


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Author Biographies

Zoia Karpiuk, Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University

PhD (Geography), Associate Professor, Department of Physical Geography

Vasyl Fesyuk, Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University

DSc (Geography), Professor, Head of Department of Physical Geography


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