Distribution peculiarities of basic ore components in Goshgarchay porphyrous copper deposit (lesser Caucasus, Azerbaijan)

Keywords: Goshgarchay, copper-porphyry mineralization, structural-morphological, mineral composition, geochemical features, ore components, factoral analysis, pointed dependence, correlation relationship


Formulation of the problem. Large size and great reserves, as well as the possibility to apply rational methods of metals extraction predetermined the increasing interest to the copper-porphyry deposits. Today, they are the main raw material based on Cu, Mo, accompanying metals all over the world. The value of these deposits lie in the fact that they are in located in geologically well-studied regions. However, their ores in basic and associated components have relatively small content of Cu, Mo, Au, Ag, Bi, Re, Se, Te, spreading in large area.

The purpose of the article. The main objective of the research is to study distribution peculiarities of basic ore components of Goshgarchay deposits, to detect geochemical features and behaviour of elements in the process of sedimentation by developing geochemical criteria of the search and the prognosis of hidden mineralization.

Methods. The author studied the distribution problem of basic ore components of copper-porphyry mineralization, carried out field investigations (field researches), documented and tested underground mine working and core samples of over seventy well bores. 

When choosing the type of analysis, a special attention was paid to the sensitivity and exactness of the determination method. Analytical work was conducted according to the definition of chemical elements. The following types of analytical methods were used: chemical, atomic-absorption, spectral-chemical, etc. The analytical data were processed by the method of mathematical statistics.

Results. As follows from the analysis of the above-mentioned results, the elements flaccid for hydrothermal solutions (Cr, Ni, V, Co, Mn, Ti) keep their independence in all groups of rocks.  Their grouping is probably associated with the process of crystallized differentiation of magma. The elements Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag and partly Mo, don’t have specific place. Their presence is likely associated with the degree of rocks susceptibility, hydrothermal interaction being the source of these elements. In various types of ores and mineral associations the definition of elemental impurities is different. Their amount increases the amount (quantity) of clarke and coefficient of concentration a thousand times. Three different mineral associations coexist in the ore body: 1-primary sulphide-chalcopyrite and bornite-chalcopyrite ore. 2-oxidized ore and zone of secondary enrichment. 3-primary sulphide ore, significantly enriched in copper.

Scientific novelty. Based on existing analytical data, the author studied distribution of basic ore and admixture components (gangue) and basic sulphide minerals.  The concentration in series of elemental impurities were detailed in ore-bearing rocks of copper-porphyry deposits of Goshgarchay. The primary geochemical zonality was revealed in the distribution of basic ore-containing components in the ore body of copper-porphyry deposits of Goshgarchay ore field.

Practical significance. The revealed peculiarities of the distribution of basic ore components in the ore body and host rocks (wallrock), the factors contributing to the accumulation of indicated elemental impurities can be used as geochemical criteria for the prognosis of copper-porphyry mineralization , supporting the effective directions of the research.


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Author Biography

Mamoy Mansurov, Baku State University

PhD (Geology and Mineralogy), Associate Professor


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