Thermal Stratification and Chemical Reaction Effects on MHD Flow Through Oscillatory Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Temperature Variation and Exponential Mass Diffusion

Keywords: MHD flow, Chemical Reaction, Thermal Stratification, Porous Medium, Oscillatory Vertical Plate, Laplace Transform, Matlab


This research paper investigates the thermal stratification and chemical reaction effects on MHD Flow through oscillatory vertical plate in a porous medium with temperature variation and exponential mass diffusion. Through the application of the Laplace transform method, the paper derives analytical solutions that precisely depict the physical dynamics of the flow. The investigation utilizes sophisticated mathematical models to scrutinize the complex dynamics between Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and convective movements, considering a range of conditions involving temperature fluctuations and exponential rates of mass diffusion. A pivotal finding from this research is the detailed comparison between the outcomes of thermal stratification and those observed in environments lacking such stratification. It is observed that the implementation of stratification within the flow leads to a more rapid achievement of equilibrium or steady-state conditions.


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Sahu, D., & Deka, R. K. (2024). Thermal Stratification and Chemical Reaction Effects on MHD Flow Through Oscillatory Vertical Plate in a Porous Medium with Temperature Variation and Exponential Mass Diffusion. East European Journal of Physics, (2), 209-218.

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