Effect of Induced Magnetic Field on MHD Flow Between Two Parallel Porous Plates at Constant Temperature Gradient in Presence of Inclined Magnetic Field

Keywords: Induced magnetic field, Free convection, Porous plate, MHD, Temperature gradient


The paper studies effect of induced magnetic field on laminar convection flow of a viscous electrically conducting incompressible fluid between two parallel porous plates at constant temperature gradient in presence of a uniform inclined magnetic field. An angle (θ) is formed with the vertical line by applying a magnetic field in that direction and field is strong enough to induce another field along the line of flow. Using the proper similarity transformations, the flow equations are converted into ordinary differential equations, which are then numerically solved by using MATLAB's bvp4c solver. Plotting of the graphs allows one to examine the effects of several critical parameters such as Hartmann number, Darcy number, Magnetic Reynolds number, Prandtl number, and Field inclination on velocity field, induced magnetic field, temperature field at the plates. The acquired results demonstrate that the flow system is effectively influenced by the field inclination, the magnetic parameter, and the plate porosity. The rise in field inclination leads to an increase in magnetic drag force.


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